Our Services

In the following section, we provide an overview about the services our team offers to our clients for the purchase or sale of real estate properties in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Selection of Property

    In a first meeting, we discuss your requirements and establish a detailed property profile. In case we do not have a suitable property in our portfolio, we will find it for you, leveraging an extensive network of professionals and through collaboration with other real estate agents from the region.

    After a thorough pre selection of properties, we arrange viewing appointments with you. Depending on individual requirements we can connect our clients with a construction consultant to evaluate the condition of the property as well as to assess necessary repairs or remodeling costs.

  • Purchase of Property

    Every property transaction must be well prepared. Our team at Real Colombia leaves nothing to chance and only presents carefully selected properties. We guide you through sale negotiations and secure you the best possible terms for your property acquisition.

    We provide all relevant information to the purchase agreement contract installers (Notary Public) and accompany you to the contract singing. If desired we will have the sales contract and all other relevant documents translated for you.

  • Closing Costs for Buyer and Seller

    The following additional expenses apply for the Buyer and Seller when purchasing a property:


    • Appraisal (Recommended)
    • Legal Advisory & Due Diligence (Recommended)
    • Notary Fee (0.15% + IVA) IVA is 16% of the 0.15%
    • Registry Fee (1,5%) Registry of Deeds



    • Brokers Commission (3% + IVA) IVA is 16% of the 3%
    • Retencion en la Fuente (1%) If seller is a natural person, 1% of the sales amount will be deducted as withholding tax.
    • Notary Fee (0.15% + IVA) IVA is 16% of the 0.15%
  • Legal Advisory

    Hannes Terber has a law degree and a background in International Law. His expertise combined with close cooperation with our experienced real estate lawyers allow us to offer the following services:

    • Guiding the process of correctly transferring money into Colombia and proper registration and declaration as foreign investment with the Banco de la Republica (National Bank of Colombia). The correct declaration provides you a substantial tax benefit upon selling your property. The incorrect registration of your foreign investment can cause not only high capital gains taxes upon selling your property but also legal investigations by the Banco de la Republica which could lead to substantial fines.
    • Due Diligence of property: Title Check and study of the deed history as well as parties involved, to ensure clear titles with no legal issues pertaining to the property.
    • Drafting and advising of Preliminary Purchase Agreement
    • Drafting of and advising on Sales Contract
    • Correct Registration of new ownership (deed)


Want to sell

Here are our 3 best reasons, why Real Colombia is your best professional partner to sell your property in Bogota:

  • Why Us?

    All aspects of the sales process will be coordinated with you. We discuss your goals regarding sales price, timeframe and showings. Our professional marketing is focused on selling your property as fast as possible. Our commitment are transparency and discretion. Benefit from our unique professional service, it will be our pleasure to advise you.

  • Valuation

    Each valuation of a property requires experience, knowledge and discretion. Our evaluators are certified members of the Colombian Real Estate Association (Lonja de Propiedad Raiz de Colombia) with comprehensive knowledge of the current market. We evaluate taking into consideration the following criteria:

    • Market situation & trends
    • Location
    • Prices and comparability with other properties
    • Condition, interior, layout
    • Appreciation potential of property
  • Professional Marketing

    It is our goal to sell your property as fast and successful as possible. We cover the following marketing strategies and communications concepts:

    • High Class Portfolio
    • Professional pictures of the property
    • Comprehensive database of potential buyers
    • Broad Online Marketing
    • Individual Marketing Strategy
    • Exposure on Events & Co